Well things have been eventful to say the least.  Monday morning we had our chocolate exam. And I planned to do this elaborate decoration on top of the chocolate box of palm trees, some waves, an island with an empty boat, and circling sharks.  As it turns out I bit off more than I could chew and will be lucky if I pass pastry at this point.  While demolding the chocolate box a huge crack formed in the top and the whole thing fell apart.  I didn’t know what to do, after all this never happened with the others I made.  So I tried to make another one, but my chocolate in my bowl was super hard by this point as my decorations were all done, so I got some from a neighboring ban marie, and it was too hot.  After three coats and some time in the fridge it hadn’t set.  I only had 30 minutes to make this new one.  So the chef told me to turn in just my life and my decoration. It was brutal.  I actually can’t even recall what it looked like anymore, I think I went into shock shortly after the practical.  It fell so completely short of what I wanted to do and only in the final forty minutes did I realize there was no way I could have pulled off what I intended to, and should have just made a few goddamn balls and sticks like we had been taught to do.  All I can say is that I will keep working as hard as I can to compensate and only hope the sugar final goes well or I’m never going to pass.

In cuisine we made a duck breast with some sweetish sauce, glazed daikon radish turned like UFOs, carrot and cumin puree (fucking delicious), some potato cake thing, and apricot chutney. It was pretty good overall, at least I cooked the meat well. My sauce was a little too reduced.  Today in cuisine we also received the list for the final, it’s going to be fun.

follow that link if you want to see the ingredients we can use.

In other news, my friend Kate is coming tomorrow, that should be interesting.  So not smoking sucks and is hard I pretty much want to kill everyone including myself.  But I love coming home and it not smelling like smoke, love love love it. I think that’s the reason I have been able to stay off it.  It’s also nice not to have a sore throat all the time. Breathing is cool.