Well, a Happy Mother’s Day to you mom.  Thank you for everything. I look around my life and couldn’t make up a better one if I wanted to.  I hope you have a wonderful day, and can’t wait to see my family again in June.  My gift to you: I know you know I was trying to quit smoking, but I was never able to. And up to about 15 cigarettes a day. But as of yesterday I’m done, seriously. I threw out my ashtray, lighters, and a mostly full pack. Cleaned the apartment and moved all the furniture to dissociate myself from previous Paris thinking.  Not easy, but over. I love you, call me when you get up.

So yesterday we had burrito night at Joanna’s. It was a great turnout. Fish, chicken, and steak tacos. A completely ridiculous amounts of guacamole, and tequila, jeez.  I have no idea how some survived to go salsa dancing after the party, as I dragged myself home and fell asleep.

Today I went back to Jo’s with the intention of helping her clean, but by the time I got there it was mostly done, and I just fell asleep on her couch.  Afterwards I went looking for a track, with the intention of running, but both of the ones I went to were closed.  So I turned it into a longer ride, it was nice to be able to breathe deeply.