Oh that’s fantastic I just typed out a super long entry and then it fails to publish and gets deleted, here’s a short version.  The first workshop is over. We had 6 hours to do an entree and plat principal from a page of ingredients, some of which had to be used. Here is what I did for the entree. Pureed dill and raw egg yolk and piped it into a ball of salmon. It could have gone better, the chef said to use a mold next time, maybe he thought I baked the salmon or something.  The second part was a sauteed zucchini cake with candied lime zest. Pretty and good, though it got a little cold while I was waiting in line for the chef to grade me.  The third was a shrimp stuffing in a roasted bell pepper petal.  I had to keep it simple since I couldn’t taste it myself. Luckily Sjoerd helped me out, here’s his site from which I took the above picture: http://sjoerdcordonbleusuperiorcuisine.blogspot.com/, hilarious and descriptive.  My classmates really liked the stuffing (eggplant, tomato, cheese, shrimp, and a little spicy), the chef said it was overcooked, which I must have done reheating it so many times when I was waiting for my grading turn.  So disappointing.  I made a dill mayonnaise to go with the plate since it went well with all three and that came out great.  The main dish went much better than the entree and I hope Sjuard posts those pics soon I ‘m pretty sure he got one of mine.  I made a Squab breast cooked rose and perfect. I’m so relieved I cooked it right.  The chef said next time to use the leg on the plate not in the jus. I didn’t want to cause it’s supposed to be served with the middle toe and disgusting nail on, and when the chef in the Chef Invite (guest speaker) said he prefers not to use it, I thought it might be okay. I guess so do a bunch of people because the chef made an announcement at the end that we have to serve the leg.  For the sides: caramelized pearl onions (chef said ours were all a tad crunchy in the middle and that we should go back to basic), a little cake of pureed peas and potatoes with a toasted pine nut crust. Really happy with it almost overall.  The chef said more butter. Also I know I should have used a spatula to make the side more even. It tasted great though. The mushroom two ways tart was a layer of polenta, cheese, duxelles, cheese, and mushrooms sauteed with time.  Came out good too, but the chef said no polenta and potatoes on the same plate, too much starch.  I should have thought that through better.  All in all I learned a lot and it went pretty well. Have some good ideas for the next one on Thursday I think. Tuesday we have off so I’ll be practicing up a storm then.  Been scouring the internet for ideas: Thomas Keller’s menu, El Bulli, Wylie Dufresne.  Some silly stuff I want to try even if the chefs don’t approve they’ll just have to tell me if it tastes good.  A couple toys I’ve been wanting to get: mainly a syphon to try out some savory foams. But waiting on that, must get a chocolate thermometer for the upcoming practicals, and a sweet mold for this workshop. Getting excited about graduation and whatever comes after that.