Yes! It’s true! I have survived yet another shellfish practical!  And think I’m getting better at handling lobsters than I was at least.  In this one we had to stuff the trussing needle right up the lobster’s ass so that it will cook straight.  Boiled it for ten minutes then assembled it in this kinda gross looking medley.  We cooked daikon radish and carrots and cut them into little rectangles, with which we lined a circular mold.  At the base we put sauteed leeks, and then layered the lobster with caramelized lemon and orange zest, and a whiting fish that had been beaten with egg whites and cream.  It was like a little lobster cupcake.  And looked very cool when unmolded.  The chef said my rectangles could have been more regular.  But at least I managed to get the claws out whole, which I definitely did not do last time.  I added way too much thickener to the sauce, but the chef said it tasted really good otherwise.  I was pleased cause I threw some cayenne pepper in there, but it turned out okay. Not that I tasted it.

This afternoon we’re making some chocolate pistachio cake thing that was actually pretty tasty in demo yesterday.  So close to having this weekend trip to Brussels pan out, and I really hope it does.