February 2010

Boy have we been busy. We made the best thing we’ve made so far in Cuisine.  A puff pastry thing with some tomato garnish with basil and thin slices of tuna. It was so delicious I couldn’t help but eat it as I was making it.  And one of the other kids jacked a huge piece from the demo and we took it home to make sushi.  So much tuna.

We also made a bouillabase that I was so worried would have shellfish in it, but miraculously didn’t.  Instead it was made with scorpionfish, John Dory, and conger eel.  Not delicious, but the John Dory was an interesting discovery.  This week we also did a bacon wrapped monkfish which was amazing while it was hot, but not so delectable later when I went to warm it up again.  The monkfish was so tasty it seemed a little stupid to wrap it in bacon.  We also made little potato cakes to go with it and pressed broccoli into them so they were pretty.

So this birthday weekend was just awesome.  Last night despite the awful weather (pouring rain and terrible wind), nearly 15 people showed up to ride. I was touched considering a handful of them only had a little experience riding a bike.  We rode from a metro stop by school down to the river and hung out like trolls under a bridge.  Then we rode to a bar near Dupleix and Lisa’s dad treated us to a round of drinks.  He had just flown in and ran beside us the whole ride.  We got utterly, utterly soaked.  This afternoon I woke to the sound of wind outside my window.  But it sounded like a tornado, and later I found out 53 people died yesterday and today from the flooding and wind.  Tonight I went to Joanna’s and she and Silvana made rabbit, roasted potatoes, and an amazing salad.  It was amazing, even though initially we meant to study and it didn’t happen.  So here I am back home, newly 23, and studying for our written pastry exam warm in bed.  Life is good.


Figured since I’m not going to be falling asleep anytime soon, i may as well update what’s been going on over here.  We got some snow the last few days, and it is still freezing. I promise never to take for granted sunshine, and a temperature above 50 again.  Today we made petit fours in pastry, which was awesome. Finally a pastry I want to eat, salty and delicious.  Who would’ve thought you’d learn to make pigs in a blanket at Le Cordon Bleu. Also these prunes wrapped in bacon which I’ve been making forever, but with dates and goat cheese which I think is way better.  We also made cheese sticks and pate filled thingies.

So lemme catch you up. The other day we had a ridiculously long practical that ran almost an hour late.  Forty minutes, although that includes Napoleon’s chat to us afterward.  Luckily he is back from London where it was rumored he’d been transferred.  We had to make mushroom flan, which took freaking forever to cook, and we were all just sitting around waiting on it.  We also made endive cooked in OJ and some sugar, and which still came out kinda bitter.  Then we fileted some lemon sole and wrapped them around some salmon mousse, that got poached.  The sauce came out wicked good.

This weekend I hosted a mad asian food party.  So much food.  So many people.  We had among other things, duck spring rolls, glass noodles with mushrooms, pork and tofu, two kinds of spicy noodles, salmon and egg sushis, fried rice, and I made tofu dumplings and pickled saffron eggs, which came out so strong but interestingly good. Jo even made tapioca pudding stuff and mochi from scratch, they were both phenomenal.

Last week we did a coq au vin.  Supposed to be rooster but they gave us chicken cos apparently it takes forever to de toughen rooster.  It gets marrinated in red wine and at the end you have to add pork blood and a little red wine vinegar to the sauce. I couldn’t bring myself to taste the final product, but the chef said it was great.

This weekend is carnivale and all the Brazilians are riled up.  We are doing a little girls night Italian dinner tomorrow night, and then going out to some carnivale party.  Better try to get a little rest since we have 830 class in the morning.  We are making this ridiculous dish that nobody would ever make in their own house.  Grind veal, pork, pork fatback and stuff it into boiled cabbage leaves, and wrap that in bacon.  How gross is that.  I’ll try to jack a picture for you so you can have the full mental image.

Back to watching Julie and Julia, bon nuit!